Travel insurance : how does it work ?

Travel insurance : how does it work ?

Many travelers and holiday makers don't really know more about the meaning of travel insurance. Some people pay money for caution and never get insurance back. This is a tricky question if someone asks, "what if I don't pay travel insurance for my vacation and holiday?" So to help you understand more about how travel insurance works, let's read this short article. Travel insurance is principally divided into three categories and each one has its specific role.

Medical coverage

This first type of insurance covers medical charges caused by any kind of illness and injury during your trip. If you travel abroad and get sick or injured, this will pay your treatments and transportation. There are two main benefits of travel medical insurance:

  • Emergency medical expenses: If you get sick or injured during your trip abroad, medical coverage will pay or reimburse your charge. This may cover ambulance services, hospital charges and some other hospital charges. This may not be included in your domestic health insurance's responsibility or it will increase the deductible amount.
  • Medical Evacuation: This applies if you get sick or injured during your trip. It covers your transportation to the nearest hospital where you will be treated. It can also take you back home once you are well enough after the hospitalization.

Trip protection

This type of insurance applies to protect you in the case of any problems related to your travel. Trip protection composes four coverages which are trip cancellation, trip interruption, delay and luggage coverage.

  • Trip cancellation protects you in case you need to cancel your trip for important reasons coming before your departure. It may include illness of you or a family member, unstable situation of your destination, or terrible weather that prevents your trip.
  • Delay coverage covers any prepaid charges if your flight is canceled or you miss your flight for reasons outside of your control such as illness, breakdown, severe weather and terrorism.
  • Trip interruption reimburses any prepaid charges if your flight is interrupted by any reasons outside of your control.
  • Luggage coverage protects you from problems related to your checked luggage such as loss and baggage delay. It will pay expenses spent for your luggage or it will cover your baggage.

Car rental protection

If you travel abroad and rent a car for your visit tour, car rental insurance can cover you in the case of accidents, damage or loss of your personal items. It only works with the trip during which you use your rental car.

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